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Printing Shop Pese - die Engelswerkstatt

What does a print shop have to do with the Christkindlesmarkt? Flyers? Brochures? Cards? Wrong! At the Pese print shop in Veitsbronn, one of the market's landmarks is created: the Rauschgoldengel.
Between printing presses and folding machines, angels of all sizes are assembled here by hand. This requires not only dexterity, but above all time and patience. Not least because of this, the print shop is the last remaining workshop for the original Nuremberg tinsel angels.

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The history of the "Rauschgoldengel"

It is included in every folding box in which a tinsel angel wanders across the shop counter. A small note tells the story of the Nuremberg doll maker who is said to have made the angel in the image of his deceased daughter to help his wife get over her pain.
True story? Who knows for sure. We are happy to tell it anyway.

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How the "Rauschgoldengel" are created

Around 800-2000 unique pieces leave the print shop every year. Each Rauschgoldengel is made by hand in 2-3 hours. They are available in 12 different sizes, from tiny (2 cm!!) to huge (over 1 m), and in many different color combinations. Traditionally, however, the Rauschgolden angels are made with a gold pleated skirt and red apron.

How to create a Rauschgoldengel

Tip: Are you still looking for a very special Christmas present? You can have your very own tinsel angel made to measure on request. You decide the colors, size and materials.

Ulrike Friemelt

There is a woman behind all the "Rauschgoldengel". For almost 50 years, Ulrike Friemelt has been responsible for the production of angels as a kind of one-man show. At a single desk, framed by filing cabinets with drawers full of paper, aluminum foil, wooden heads, etc., she painstakingly fiddles with the angels - her name says it all.

More about Ulrike & the family business

Regional & sustainable

The materials for the tinsel angels almost all come from the local area. For example, the aluminum paper from the Wickels company or the glue from the Bindulin company - both from Fürth. The drawers in the Rauschgoldengel workshop contain individual parts, some of which have been stored there for several years. Nothing is thrown away here, because at some point there will be another use for it.

Tip: The tinsel angel that adorns the top of your Christmas tree every year and has been passed down in the family for generations is starting to show its age? You can also hand in your angel to Mrs. Friemelt for repair and restoration!

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