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Nuremberg Christkindlesmarkt

A long tradition but not a bit old fashioned

Did you know that the Nuremberger Christkindlesmarkt is neither the oldest German Christmas Market nor the largest? Despite that it is one of the most famous - when not the most famous - in the world! And for the people of Nuremberg, it is the most beautiful! 

Since 1628

Where does this come from? One aspect is surely the long tradition of the Christkindlesmarkt. The oldest proof of existence of a Nuremberg Christmas Market is a painted bentwood box bearing the inscription on its base: "Regina Susanna Harßdörferin ... zum Kindles-Markt überschickt 1628" (Regina Susanna Harßdörferin ... given for the Kindles-Markt 1628). One can assume that the tradition of a "Kindles-Markt" in Nuremberg begins before 1628.

Learn more about the beginnings of the Christmas Market

In 1933, the Christkindlesmarkt moved back to its former location on Nuremberg's Main Market Square. In the glow of new electrical street lights, the market was opened with a festive ceremony on December 4 by a woman dressed as an angel.

During the war, the Christmas Market did not take place. Only in 1948 did the Christkindlesmarkt take place again, in an almost completely destroyed Old Town. The head dramaturge of the city theater, Friedrich Bröger wrote a new prologue.

Nuremberg Christkind

In 1948, the symbolic figure of the "Nuremberg Christkind" recited the opening prologue. The Nuremberg actress Sofie Keeser had the honor of playing the role of the Christkind until the beginning of the 1960s. The second Christkind, Irene Brunner, was also an actress and performed until 1969. Since then, the Christkind is chosen every two years through a multi-step process with participation of the general public.

If you want to know more details about the Nuremberg Christkind, then take a look at "The Nuremberg Christkind and its Story"

From 1973

In 1973, due to a sharp rise in the number of visitors, the opening of the Christkindlesmarkt was changed from the traditional St. Barbara's Day, December 4, to the Friday before the first Sunday in Advent. That year was the first time the record mark of more than one million guests was broken.

The Sister Cities Market has brought an international flair to Christmas City Nuremberg since 1984. Since the 1990s, the market has drawn more than two million visitors each year. The Nuremberg Children's Christmas Market at Hans-Sachs-Platz as well as the "Sternenhaus" have been an important part of pre-Christmas festivities in Nuremberg since 1999 and a highlight for children and families.

In 2020, the Nuremberg Christkindlesmarkt had to be cancelled because of the worldwide Corona pandemic - the first time since 1948! In 2021, it was also cancelled due to Covid. And today?

More than 160 wooden booths with red-and-white cloth roofs, lovingly decorated and filled by market merchants, stand again in Advent on the Main Market Square. Here you'll find traders who are leading their family-owned companies in the third generation and make the market what it is: Something very special!



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