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Vollrath Mulled Wine

Tradition since 1855

When you think about how many thousands of liters of Vollrath mulled wine is drunk each year at the Christmas Market, it is difficult to believe that everything is still done by hand - measuring, mixing, filling and labeling - in the production halls of this long-established company, founded in 1855. And that from only three proud employees!

More about its production

What makes Vollrath mulled wine so special?

The basis for a good mulled wine is a wine that tastes good without spices. Despite that, it's the spicing (just a little more) that makes Vollrath mulled wine special. The spices are not only hand mixed but matched to every batch. Behind all this is a complicated "sensor technology". Owner Claudia Blokesch tries each mulled wine herself before it leaves production: "I only sell wine which I try myself and tastes right - that's why I could identify our mulled wine among 100 others!"

A look at production

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Claudia Blokesch

... is not only the manager of Vollrath, but is also responsible for work such as purchasing & sales, flavor testing and, naturally, supervising the booth at the Christkindlesmarkt. She was only 20 when she took over the mulled wine & spirits firm in 1990 as a novice.

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