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Gerstacker Mulled Wine

A family company

It all began in 1945 as a small family company. Today, Gerstacker is the world's largest producer of mulled wine, but is still family owned. In two production centers around the clock in three shifts, mulled wine and almost 600 other spirits and beverages are produced - year round from January to December.

... and here's how mulled wine is made

The Nuremberg Christkindlesmarkt Mulled Wine a protected product of origin and may therefore only be produced in Nuremberg (and not in the Gerstacker factory in Thuringia). The secret recipe comes from the founder Friedrich Gerstacker himself and is securely hidden in a safe.

To the secret recipe

Fun Fact:

Until 1981, the picture of the Christkind on the label of the Nuremberg Christkindlesmarkt Mulled Wine was updated with each new candidate. Because for legal reasons this was no longer possible, the picture has remained the same since then.

The Gerstacker Family Dynasty

From childhood on, Stefanie Gerstacker had followed the activities of the mulled wine company of her grandfather. She officially joined the business in 2003. Today, she manages the family company together with her husband, Jörg Toller, in the third generation. What makes her special as a company manager is not just family tradition: She's spent time working at every job in the business and therefore knows exactly why each is important.

Tradition & Trends

Stefanie's & Jörg's favorites and a must:

 - Nuremberg Christkindlesmarkt Mulled Wine (rot & weiß)
 - Organic Mulled Wine
 - Eggnog



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