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It's all about the sausage

The Nuremberg Rostbratwurst - that is the correct name for the small, sweet sausages from Nuremberg - are known and loved far from the borders of the city. These spicy sausages have a long history and there's a lot to tell about them. But first:

Facts & Figures:

Length: 7-9 cm
Weight: 20-25 grams
Typical spice: Marjoram
Gluten and Lactose free

Did you know?

But what makes a Nuremberg bratwurst so special? It's not just their small, handy size or their protected origin, but their one-of-a-kind taste. The basic ingredients of Nuremberg bratwurst are pork, salt, pepper and marjoram. Whether the fine nuances of a pinch of allspice, a little mace or a touch of lemon are added is the choice of every butcher and are naturally a well-protected secret.

A piece of living history

Fresh and delicious Nuremberg bratwurst are available at all the sausage stands at the Christmas Market, but there are two that are a little different: 

Booth Number 130

At Booth Number 130, Fritz Stahlmann still grills his sausages on a traditional open charcoal grill, which gives the bratwurst a delicious smoky flavor and makes them crunchy on the outside and juicy on the inside. And you can taste this "fine" difference - a real treat! 

Booth Number 78

At the Lößels at Booth Number 78, you can try original Nuremberg bratwurst that are their own production - without additives, preservatives or flavor enhancers. The ingredients come from regional companies and the meat from Bavaria. 

The sausages here are from the Lößel Butcher Shop and made from their own special recipe, while the other sausage stands at the Nuremberg Christmas Market get their bratwurst from Metzgerei Pfettner - also high quality and very delicious. 

Bratwurst get around

As you can see, Nuremberg bratwurst in Germany have earned cult status, because generations of butchers and cooks have used their long-time experience to perfect these traditional treats. A bite into one of these small sausages is an unforgettable experience, which captures the spirit and taste of Nuremberg. 

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