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Toy Museum

A trip to the Toy Museum is like a journey into the past because Nuremberg has been known as a town of toys since the Middle Ages. In those days, toys were produced in the narrow alleys – tin figures, wood and metal toys, kitchens for dolls and play shops.

Here, you can get in free-of-charge with the NUREMBERG CARD!

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Must see: The “Shadow Realm” in the historic vaulted cellar. Sound exciting? It is!
Old fairy tales and stories about Nuremberg are told through paper theaters, back-lit dioramas, peep-boxes and magic lanterns.

In summer, the “Frischling”, a café and summer garden in the inner courtyard of the Toy Museum, invites you to enjoy a cool beverage and snacks. In winter, the “Glühschwein” takes over to serve delicious mulled wine or gin.

The Hexenhäusle

The Hexenhäusle