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Slow Art Gallery

Art on the Wine Market

Those who like to take time for art should make a stop at the gallery of Lydia Schuster and Anton Atzenhofer. At regular intervals, one can see themed exhibitions which contain both the work of various artists and paintings from Atzenhofer himself.

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Lydia Schuster & Anton Atzenhofer

For 14 years, Lydia Schuster and Anton Atzenhofer have managed their gallery together. The couple has created a popular destination for art lovers and brought their own dreams to life.

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Why the Wine Market?

“The Wine Market is one of our favorite spots in Nuremberg and we like to come here in our free time. There’s a very special mood here and a wonderful mix of locals and tourists. Those who live on the square and the store owners know each other – almost as like a village. When I´m in a hurry, I have to force myself to keep distance of the Wine Market!” laughs Lydia. “Otherwise I have to stop three or four times, because there is always someone you know.” The couple is certain: “If you feel at home on the Wine Market, you’ll stay there.”

The Hexenhäusle

The Hexenhäusle