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Sweet and sinful

“Beware! Beyond this door lurk calories and sins” warns the little sign on the shop door. Inside also shows immediately why: The counter is brimming full of the finest French delicacies to tempt the attention of customers. From their famous and notorious macaroons to heaps of pralines to artful and elaborately made tartlets, tarts and eclairs.

For owner Jens Brockerhof, patisserie is more than a craft. It is artwork, perfection, humor, provocation and a secret seduction. “Each fruit or cream layer tells its own story, is created using craft knowledge in a time-consuming process and arranged into a pleasurable, precise thing of beauty.” 

And because a product can only taste as good as its ingredients, in the patisserie only the highest quality standards are used in as natural a way possible. “Here we blend French ingredients such as excellent Valrhona chocolate with regional products such as premium hazelnuts and eggs from FrankenGeNUSS from Cadolzburg or goat’s milk from the Bio-Archehof Gerstner from Thalmässing.”

Prefer to take away? Use your RECUP

The mission of Tafelzier? To make life sweeter. “We also want to show that the confectioners’ trade isn’t old fashioned, but exciting, modern and sexy!”

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The Hexenhäusle

The Hexenhäusle