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Mata Hari Bar

A bedrock of the Nuremberg bar and pub scene

Since 1994, cool and grounded, yet always up to date and state of the art. Authentic, honest, independent and no frills.

The bar:  Damn small. Really small! Rustic, cozy, clean and a manageable size. Good ventilation. Bright and clean toilets. 

Atmosphere: Casual and laid back. Because of its size, the bar is really cozy and communicative.

Beverages: Large selection of all types, hand mixed. Not dependent on sponsors. Beer and wine, cocktails and long drinks. A big selection of whisky and other spirits. Plenty of alcohol-free and hot beverages.

Music: Honest real music! Guitar heroes, 60's Beat, Garage, Punk, Alternative, Rockabilly, Rock’n’roll and Metal – No charts!

DJs with vinyl and CDs. No laptop or playlist DJs! People who enjoy their music. Nothing off the rack! Loud, but not too loud.

Personnel:  People who enjoy their work.

Public: People like you and I between 20 and 69, who just want to have a good time. No see and be seen! No party groups! A healthy mix of locals and visitors.

Cultural site: In 2021, we won an award in the category culture site as part of “GUNDA”, the pop culture prize of the city of Nuremberg.

Prefer to take away? Use your RECUP

The Mata Hari Bar is located in Kristof and Lena’s favorite place:

the Weißgerbergasse!

The Hexenhäusle

The Hexenhäusle