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© Birgit Fuder


Most Photographed Street in Town

In the Weißgerbergasse, you’ll find 22 complete or almost intact surviving historical houses – this is more than 50% of those built before World War II (to compare: Only 8% of the entire Old Town made it through the war). The medieval half-timbered houses survived the severe air raids on Nuremberg during the war and were restored afterwards.


The Weißgerbergasse is our absolute favorite street in Nuremberg. We often catch ourselves taking a detour so that we can walk by the narrow half-timbered houses with their colorful façades. At the place where the lane enters the Wine Market, you have the perfect spot to enjoy both the flair of the Wine Market and the beautiful view of the Weißgerbergasse.
As an extra highlight, you have a glimpse of St. Sebald crowning the end of the square.

The wealth reflected in the historical homes, often with their own well and garden, is due to the leather work that once took place here. Today, instead of busy tanners as in the Middle Ages, the street is filled with the bustle of cafés, bars and small local shops.

The Hexenhäusle

The Hexenhäusle