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Blume von Hawaii

Best cocktails in town

Fans of tiki bars or those who enjoy slurping down an unusual cocktail have found the right place with Franzi and Thomas in the Blume von Hawaii. Experience shows that it’s usually more than one drink. The extravagant yet pleasant and almost family-like ambience invites you to pause and stay for a while.

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The decor of the bar, exotic accessories, pictures and lighting create coziness and a topic of conversation. And that’s why one thing is rarely missing: “There’s always a good vibe here: good people and good drinks! What more could you want?” says Franzi with a smile. “Everything here should be fun. That’s true for the guests, but also for us. There’s a family atmosphere here. I even come here on my day off!” she laughs.

For both owners, the Blume von Hawaii is more than just a bar: “This is our everything, our life, a place that is dear to our heart!”

Franziska Hartmann & Thomas Stingl

Since the opening in 2014, Franziska Hartmann and Thomas Stingl have been a well-coordinated team. After the move to the Wine Market, the former bar keeper and founder are now business partners and put all of their lifeblood into their tiki bar.

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Why the Wine Market?

“The atmosphere at the Wine Market is one-of-a-kind and you don’t find anything like it in Nuremberg. The feel of Italy. Wonderful open spaces. Display windows attract you in. The shops are individual and high quality. We all know each other here and everyone is friendly – like your own community. We got the tip that space was available here from our neighbor Mr. Atzenhofer from the Slow Art Gallery.”

The Hexenhäusle

The Hexenhäusle