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St. Lawrence Church

Fact Sheet

  • Start of Construction: ca. 1250
  • Completion: 1477
  • Named after: St. Lawrence
  • Denomination: Lutheran
  • Height: Up to 81 meters
  • Bells: 16

During World War II, St. Lawrence was almost completely destroyed. Other than the two towers, not much was left. But the people of Nuremberg felt a profound need to rebuild their church as a place of faith and hope. In 1952, just seven years after the war was over, the first worship service within the restored structure took place.

More Information

Daily prayer services, two weekly worship services, prayer & discussion groups, tours, events and activities of all different kinds. Since the Corona pandemic there are weekly online services on the church’s own YouTube channel and regular posts to Instagram (@lorenzkirche_offical). To sum it up: There’s always something happening at St. Lawrence.

Here's what the pastor says!

Claudia Voigt-Grabenstein

Head Pastor of St. Lawrence

“The ideas of the Bible are still relevant today. One must try to communicate them in a way that speaks to what happens in the modern world and to use an up-to-date language, so they can reach everyone. That is precisely my task.”

Becoming a pastor

The Hexenhäusle

The Hexenhäusle