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Das Steichele

The Pleasure of Wine

Must try:

➜ The Classic #1: Schäufele pork shoulder, with one (or maybe two) Lindenburger Hefebräu beers

➜ The Classic #2: Wiener Schnitzel  (according to the boss, the best outside Vienna … or maybe even better), with a glass of Riesling

➜ Seasonal: Wild game (sometimes shot by the boss himself), for example, venison shoulder, with a glass of Pinot noir

Rösttrommel beans vs. 2cl sloe schnapps - you're spoiled for choice!

Here you get a free espresso or schnapps with every main course from 12€.

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Restaurant, Wine Paradise, Hotel - The Steichele has even more to offer than classic Franconian cuisine and a long-time Nuremberg family history.

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Slow Food

What many don’t know: Next to the rustic wine tavern in the restaurant, there is an entire wine cellar. The vaulted cellar, which is on the list of protected historic places, served as an air raid shelter in World War II. Today, the fine wines are not only stored at the optimal temperature but can also be sampled. Those who are interested can sign up for a wine tasting.

The strangest thing in the restaurant

In addition to a Wine of the Month, there are weekly changing menus. They are influenced by what is currently available. Seasonal and regional dishes are important to Bernhard Steichele. All ingredients come only from regional producers and suppliers; meat comes from the Nuremberg butchers Wolf and Kraft. The traceability of food stuff is a top priority in Steichele. That’s why the restaurant was awarded by the Slow Food Guide in 2013.

Which guests like to eat this the most?

© Florian Trykowski

Bernhard Steichele

The family history of the Steichele goes far back in time. In 2003, Bernhard Steichele took over the wine restaurant from his father and runs it now in the 5th generation. It was first opened at the end of the 19th century by his great-great-great-grandfather.

More about the family history

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