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Non-alcoholic Christmas enjoyment at the Christkindlesmarkt

Not just for children! And for more than just one reason. The range of mulled wine, eggnog & co. is naturally large at the Christkindlesmarkt, but non-alcoholic options are rather rare. And if you're looking for something non-alcoholic that isn't sugary but tastes good, the Wurzelsepp bar is the place to go.

Wurzelsepp? Who doesn't know this Nuremberg institution!

Wurzelsepp has been supplying the people of Nuremberg with the finest herbs, teas and spices since 1933. It is obvious that the Nuremberg spice manufacturer is a must at the Christmas Market. That's why it is represented at the market with not just one, but three stalls with its extensive range. One stall exclusively with everything to do with tea, one with spices and one with non-alcoholic drinks. And here you will not only find the classic children's punch, but also numerous other non-alcoholic winter drinks. Alcohol-free and delicious!

Do you want a "shot"?


- "Heißer Apfel": made from regional orchard apples - not available to buy in bottles, but only at the Christkindlesmarkt! Meadow orchards are a particularly sustainable form of cultivation that is not only environmentally friendly and provides an important habitat for animals such as insects, but also scores with an extra tasty harvest.

- "Heißer Pfeffi": made from the finest Franconian peppermint - probably the best and most aromatic mint you can buy anywhere in the world. Tip: A dash of Berlin air makes the tea even mintier ...and more highly concentrated!

Wurzelsepp: Gingerbread & mulled wine

What is the be-all and end-all of Christmas classics? That's right, spices! So it goes without saying that neither our own gingerbread nor mulled wine creations should be missing from Wurzelsepp's range - after all, who can do spice blends better than a spice manufacturer?

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Fun Fact:

You can only get gingerbread and mulled wine containing alcohol at the Wurzelsepp store on Fleischbrücke and not at the Christkindlesmarkt bar.

Why is that? This is based on the principle of the so-called "product group" - a concept that is unique in Germany. It ensures that there is a balanced ratio of food, drink, decorations, gift items, etc. at the market. The stalls selling gingerbread and mulled wine have already been allocated to other showmen, so only spices and teas may be sold and non-alcoholic drinks served at the Wurzelsepp stalls.

Wurzelsepp & and the Christkindlesmarkt

Wurzelsepp has had stalls at the Christkindlesmarkt since 1948 - the first market after the end of the war. For Managing Director Philipp Rank, this alone makes it an affair of the heart. Even as a baby, he used to lie in a baby carriage between the stalls while his parents and grandparents ran the sales.

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Quality and sustainability

Of course, not all spices can be grown in the garden at home, but what is available locally is sourced regionally. Organic quality plays a major role, especially for mulled wine and punch. The products also have a minimal sugar content - but this also makes them more sensitive and less long-lasting. Another reason why they are not produced in huge quantities: Products such as the "Hot Apple" are produced a maximum of 14 days in advance, and up to three times new & fresh during the Christkindlesmarkt.

Gift ideas at the Christkindlesmarkt

Gift ideas at the Christkindlesmarkt

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