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Nuremberg Youth Hostel

Sleep in old castle walls

Sleep, learn, take a vacation where the emperor held court hundreds of years ago? In the middle of Nuremberg, high above the city, the symbol of the town crowns the hill – the castle with its Imperial Stables. Here is the oldest, yet one of the most modern, Youth Hostels in Germany!

In 1495, at the east end of the Imperial Castle – between the Luginsland and Five-Cornered Towers – the “granary at the fortress” was built, a two-story stone building topped with five layers of attic. Today, it gives the more than 200-meter-long castle its unmistakable silhouette. The Imperial Stables, created by city building master Hans Beheim, were first built as a huge granary for the city, the rooms in the ground floor were used as a stable during the imperial era.

Interested in knowing more? Want to experience the feel of history? Then come for a visit. You can book here.

The building was turned into the National Youth Hostel in 1937, was destroyed in World War II and rebuilt in 1953. Today, the Imperial Stables is still used as a Youth Hostel and guest house and, after the last renovation in 2013, has 93 rooms with 340 beds.

In addition to its absolute central location and the great flair provided by the former Imperial Stables, the Nuremberg Youth Hostel also has free Wi-Fi. The rooms all have their own bathroom. The hostel also offers its own buffet restaurant, in which every morning a breakfast buffet is served. Other amenities include nine conference spaces with the most modern technology, luggage storage space, a vending machine, 24-hour reception, a bistro, a cool lounge and a bar. The building is handicapped accessible, so everyone can enjoy the castle feeling.

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The Hexenhäusle

The Hexenhäusle