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Hausbrauerei Altstadthof

Whisky & Beer

In the Hausbrauerei in the Altstadthof, craft brewing produces Nuremberg beer specialties such as the Original Nuremberg Rotbier and high-proof distillates such as the award-winning AYRER’s single malt whisky – in the heart of Nuremberg and in fully organic production.


In traditional copper kettles and wooden fermenting vats, about 6000 liters of beer is brewed each week in the Hausbrauerei. Brew master Reinhard Engel and his son Max place great value on preserving their craft, almost nothing is done here by machine. Not only is the brewing process personally managed by them, but also filling, labeling and washing the bottles takes place by hand in the Altstadthof – even when that sometimes requires a night shift. A total of 12 different types of beer make up the assortment of the Hausbrauerei, including classics such as Nuremberg Rotbeer, Kellerbeer and dark beer and seasonal beer varieties.

Here you will find regional & certified organic products


In addition to the many Nuremberg beer specialties, the Hausbrauerei Altstadthof is also known for its flavorful whisky. Since 2005, the first organic single malt whisky in Germany is made and aged in the Altstadthof’s own AYRER’s whisky distillery. The name AYRER’s comes from Ayrershof, the former name of the Altstadthof. Almost 550 casks of whisky with its strong malt character ripen in three storage areas (and another in the Neutor city wall). This malt is the taste that makes everything produced in the Altstadthof Brauerei instantly recognizable, gives it its own unique flavor.

This creates the unique flavor

In the AYRER’s distillery, you can have your own whisky created. Companies, clubs and private individuals (don’t forget your next birthday!) can let their own cask be made, which can ripen in AYRER’s storage areas, marked with an individual logo. When the cask is filled, you can tour the brewery & distillery and you can have a tasting each year.

Organic standard

Good to know: All products of the Nuremberg brewery are 100% organic origin – both beer and whisky. The Hausbrauerei Altstadthof was the first brewery in Germany to work exclusively with organic raw materials. To this end, the brewery has to go through an elaborate process to receive an official organic certification.

Max Engel

Reinhard & Max Engel

The brew process in the Altstadt Brauerei is not just pure craftsmanship, but also a family matter. Each week, brew master Reinhard Engel and his son Max create several thousand liters of beer and schnapps. They are supported in the brewery by just one other worker, most of the production is done by the father/son team itself - and that in traditional handwork.

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