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Dürrer Hase

Steak | Wine | Tarte Flambee

An attractive atmosphere, high-quality steaks, specially selected wines and what might be the best tarte flambee in Nuremberg: The menu in the Dürrer Hasen is small, but that makes the quality of the food even better.

It’s common to name a restaurant after an animal in Germany – Golden Lamb, Black Eagle, Red Ox. In a humorous reflection of this tradition and “sheer nonsense”, as owner Moe Abdiji admits today, the brasserie got its name.

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Muamet „Moe“ Abdiji

Since 1984, a sculpture has enlivened the Tiergärtnertor Square: “The Hare”, an artwork from Jürgen Goertz which is inspired by Dürer’s world-famous field hare. But this figure has little to do with the original. Whereas Dürer created a rabbit to look like that in nature, the bronze sculpture from Goertz looks more like a monster. Created with the eye of a modern artist, Jürgen Goertz seems to perfectly understand Franconian humor.

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The menu in the Dürrer Hasen is small and has rarely sees change. “Most of the guests come and already know what they want. We’ve mostly had bad experiences with changes.” Another reason is the fact that only four people work together with owner Moe Abdiji. “Our kitchen is also small – this is a one-man show. That’s why we offer a more limited selection, but to the highest standards.”

The tarte flambee were left over from the menu of the creperie which previously occupied the building. Moe wanted to specialize in steak from the very beginning, but because there was a steakhouse nearby, he didn’t want to complete with his neighbor. When that restaurant closed, nothing stood in his way. The Alsace specialty stayed on the menu despite the change. There are classic tarte flambee, more unusual variations and vegetarian. “Vegan is tricky with the sour cream you need,” laughs Moe, “but we can even do that – just ask when you order!”

The products in the Dürrer Hase

Moe's recommendations: Flank steak with grilled peppers / Vegetarian: Fennel tarte flambee

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