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© Florian Trykowski

Craftsmen's Courtyard

At first glance, the Craftsmen’s Courtyard in Nuremberg looks very medieval – small half-timbered houses, craftsmen in small shops and a lot of cobblestones. Yet the current look of the Craftsmen’s Courtyard came in 1971. To celebrate the 500th birthday of the artist Albrecht Dürer, the city decided to build a small village of half-timbered houses in the “Waffenhof” of the last city wall.   

AFAG (a trade fair and exhibit company) restored the historical ward and created the small houses with their modern half-timbered façades. The design of the restaurants, workshops and stores was inspired by the medieval appearance of many lanes in Nuremberg. Visitors can easily imagine how Nuremberg looked 500 years ago. The old “Waffenhof”, framed by the city wall and the Frauentor Tower, never contained Waffen – weapons – but was used as a toll station in which the owners of oxcarts had to let their goods be inspected before entering the city.

Because the area became so popular, the buildings were not torn down in 1972 as planned but maintained and repaired over the years. In 2015, after 44 years, AFAG gave the Craftsmen’s Courtyard to the city of Nuremberg, which now takes care of the little craft village. Since then, much has changed – many of the lovely little shops have new occupants, who, in the one-of-a-kind backdrop of the Craftsmen’s Courtyard bring traditional and modern craftsmanship to life. Everything is handmade and of the best quality here! Whether tin castings or Hundertwasser ceramics, stationery or a pop-up candle store – extra special products are created here and you can see how and from whom they are made.

Naturally there are a lot of good things to eat and drink in Nuremberg‘s Craftsmen’s Courtyard: The enticing scent of roasting Nuremberg bratwurst drifts through the lanes, special Franconian beers, schnapps and wine invite you to sit and relax and there’s also a spot for a delicious coffee in the afternoon. Take an leisurely stroll through the lanes and discover real treasures or enjoy a beer!   

The Hexenhäusle

The Hexenhäusle