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Mulled Wine Cup Pool

Was ist der Tassenpool?

Bis 1989 wurde der Glühwein am Christkindlesmarkt noch in Kunststoff-Bechern ausgeschenkt. Das war nicht nur wenig ästhetisch, sondern vor allem auch eine Belastung für die Umwelt. Deswegen haben sich die Inhaber der Glühweinstände zusammengeschlossen und den Tassenpool gegründet. Seitdem gibt es nicht nur jedes Jahr eine neue Tasse, sondern auch das Konzept der Spülstation - denn keine der Buden verfügt über einen eigenen Wasseranschluss.

Washing Station

The real star of the Christkindlesmarkt is a little bit away from all the stands and attractions: Hidden in ca. 40 sq-m directly behind the Church of Our Lady. The washing station. Without it, nothing runs (or flows) on the market - at least no mulled wine.

Learn more about the washing station

Christkindlesmarkt Cups

The mulled wine cups from the Nuremberg Christkindlesmarkt are almost as unique as the market itself. Since 1990, there has been a new motif each year and that makes them a collector's item not only for tourists, but also for many from Nuremberg. Together with  three other members of the cup pool, Andreas Schillinger is part of the committee which chooses the new cup design each year.

What motif comes on the cup?

Andreas Schillinger

A Christmas jack-of-all-trades. As the head of the cup pool, he's responsible for everything surrounding mulled wine: From choosing a motif to running the washing station at the Christmas Market - as a volunteer. In addition, he has his own gingerbread stand & a specialty mail-order business in which he ships Nuremberg delicacies around the world.

What is a work day like?

Want another?

Since 2015, these words catch your eye when you look at the mulled wine mug - and the answer is mainly "Yes!". Whereas Franconians grin & and order another cup of mulled wine, tourists tend to be puzzled. Even the best translation app has a problem here. The idea for the saying that decorates the edge of the mug came from Andreas Schillinger.

Schillinger's Favorite Cup


For the 175th anniversary of the first railway in Germany, the silhouette of the "Adler" decorated the cup next to the classic Christkindlesmarkt image. In 1835, the train first puffed its way on the track between Nuremberg & Fürth.



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