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Hands-On Booths at the Children's Christmas Market

Do it yourself

Do you like to craft or be creative? Then we have a tip for you: The Nuremberg Children's Christmas Market. You may know this sweet little village of booths with its carousel on Hans Sachs Platz. It offers many hands-on activities, that are not just fun for little ones.

In the lovingly decorated wooden huts, you can bake gingerbread - from rolling out the dough to cutting out the figures to decorating them. Whether with nuts, raisins or sugar pearls - you can use your imagination. It's not only children that can produce a masterpiece here. There are lebkuchen for those with allergies, with gold leaf or - brand new: Salted caramel. Don't miss it!

One of our favorite hands-on booths is the "Buttonhole", where hundreds of different buttons can be upcycled to create creative little works of art. Here you can make wonderful (Christmas-) cards with colorful buttons and scraps of cloth.

The positive side?

If you're looking for a sweet gift, you can stop by the Schleicherei, the first soap manufactory in Fürth, and stamp your own piece of handmade soap. Scent, color and stamp as well as a gift bag can be chosen. It's this easy: Pick a soap with the right scent - pick out a stamp - stamp it - pick out a bag - you've got a gift in the bag!

What activities are available?

You are - as you can see - welcome to join in at the Nuremberg Children's Christmas Market and make your own little treats and creative artworks. Do it yourself for yourself or as a gift. Don't miss it!



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