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Marx Lebkugeln

Lebkugeln - Round and delicious!

What's this? A gingerbread ball? Not really - but still delicious!

Since 2008, the Marx family has offered all sorts of sweet things made from chocolate including the round Lebkugeln. They are something very special - produced exclusively by hand with only the finest ingredients.

They were created by Wolfgang Marx, cook and chocolatier, who had experimented through the years with the fascinating raw material chocolate. In 2007, he decided to open his own business focusing on luxury chocolate and has been bewitching sweets gourmets with his chocolate creations ever since!

More about the history

Nowadays the whole family helps, because at "Marx Chocolate" one uses a very special production process, which is one-of-a-kind in Germany: Everything is completely handmade.

More about production

In their wonderful holiday packaging, the Lebkugeln are, of course, a fantastic present for your loved ones at Christmas. The assortment is supplemented with a variety of chocolate treats, which they also make themselves such as the original "Nuremberg Christkindlesmarkt Gold Coin", which is an official licensed product of the market. Fruits and nuts coated in dark chocolate are also available as a vegan product.

What are you waiting for? See for yourself!



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