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Hotel Elch

The Oldest Inn in Town

The Hotel Elch has a long history. As early as 1324 it was used as an inn and is therefore the oldest hotel in Nuremberg. Today the lodging, located in the best location in the heart of Nuremberg, combines a steeped-in-history structure with a modern style.

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Organic restaurant with large selection of vegan & vegetarian dishes

Robert & Eva Horka

The couple Robert and Eva Horka are hosts with a passion. Robert has hotel genes in the family, and that for several generations. This expertise can be clearly felt in the hotel. Both are fully dedicated to their vocation, variety and new challenges daily inspire them, even after their numerous years in the hotel business. The Hotel Elch is like a second home for the Horkas. They are satisfied when they can pass this feeling on to their guests.

Robert & Eva Horka, Hotel Elch

Unusual is the Thai organic restaurant Engelhardts in the hotel, which the Hotel Elch rounds off with its cuisine. The cooks value high-quality organic certified food and try, when possible, to use regional products. Above all, it must be fresh. That means that exquisite dishes focusing on “superfood” and “low carb” are conjured up in Engelhardts.

The Hexenhäusle

The Hexenhäusle