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The Lawrence Ice Cream Workshop

In the shadow of St. Lawrence, directly on St. Lawrence Square, is the ice cream parlor Lo3. In this ice cream workshop, vegetarian and vegan ice cream, sorbets and milk shakes are on the menu.

The homemade ice cream flavors change often and offer an unusual selection that you don’t find everywhere: Peach-Lavender-Rose, Currant Stem-Lime or White Coffee-Matcha.

Wide range of vegan ice cream

The delicious scoops of ice can be enjoyed together with a diverse range of coffee specialties indoors and outdoors in front of Lo3. Or take one of the exquisite scoops in a cone and stroll through the Nuremberg neighborhoods!

At Lo3, sustainability and quality are of highest priority. The milk comes from organic cows, the fruits from the region and the spoons are compostable! Therefore our tip: Try one of the black cones, they are colored with vegetable charcoal.

The Hexenhäusle

The Hexenhäusle