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Parfümerie Seifenzahn

Scent Experience with the Zahn Family

In 1925, the door of the soap shop opened the first time. Today, almost half a century later, the Parfümerie Seifenzahn is run in the third generation by three sisters Sabine, Christina and Carolin Zahn, members of the original family.

The History of the Parfümerie

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”What matters about us is our intensive yet honest advice. We sell what is right for the customer and not because we need to clear the shelves. We sell emotions, that’s why customers should feel especially well cared for in our hands.”

Taking good care of customers has always been important to the family and the business has been run on this principle for generations. That is no doubt the reason that there are so many loyal customers, who also come to the store in the third generation. Although they have an electronic customer file, the sisters know by heart which scents and products most of the customers use.

In addition to the perfume shops, they offer cosmetic treatments at their location at the Jakobsplatz.

From the five stores they once owned, two remain today. The branch in the Königstraße was opened in 1960; the headquarters on St. James’s Square has been used by the Zahn family since 1962. 

Seifenzahn is the last privately run perfume store in Nuremberg. “We’re the last of the Mohicans!” grins Christina. That’s also true for St. James’s Market. While most of the family-owned, long-established shops have closed or moved, the Parfümerie Seifenzahn has stayed here. “Yes, it’s more and more difficult, but we won’t leave!” says Sabine. “The view of St. James’s Church is unique and inspires us every day.”

Sabine, Christina & Carolin Zahn

When she was 24 years old, Kunigunde Zahn opened her own soap shop. Since then, the shop has become part of the family. Today, her great-grandchildren Sabine, Christina and Carolin run the business.

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