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Bogy Nagy

Gallery & Atelier

In the BOGI NAGY GALERIE & ATELIER, a historic listed half-timbered house which is more than  500 years old has become a small creative center in the middle of St. James’s Quarter.

Funky Flamingo!

With the purchase of an artwork priced 100€ or more (in the shop), you’ll receive a free Funky Flamingo.

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This is all about creating a place which supports networking between creative disciplines and their exchange with the public. With participation from international artists and other players in the world of art, a program of exhibits, musical acts and talks will appear in the near future. 

Interested? Ask for an appointment via email:

"My drawings go from my head to my heart to my hand to the paper.”

- Bogi Nagy.


The Hexenhäusle

The Hexenhäusle