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The New Food Trend from the Near East

The Levantine delights its guests with an Eastern ambience – and surely you as well.

Colorful pillows and plates with unusual patterns from Turkey, photographs from Lebanon, Moroccan tiles and artifacts from Israel conjure up an international flair in a typical half-timbered house. 

In Levantine, many cultures melt together into an unusual and harmonious mix. Here, a food trend from the Near East is followed: Levante first described a region on the eastern Mediterranean. Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Turkey and Cyprus are all parts of this region. And every country finds its own place on the menu. 

Unlike German food culture, you don’t order just for yourself. The appetizers – spread over many small plates – invite you to share  and take time, so you can enjoy both the food and time spent with your loved ones.

Fresh and intensive spices for an aromatic flavor are very typical in the eastern world. Manager John Schwarze makes a point of using regional ingredients. Vegan and vegetarian dishes are a wonderful addition to the interesting menu.

John Schwarze & Suat Sekrem

John Schwarze (manager, on the left) and Suat Sekrem (cook, on the right) are an experienced team who met 20 years ago studying business administration in Vienna. As passionate cooks, Eastern cuisine runs in their blood. 

The Hexenhäusle

The Hexenhäusle