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Historical Bratwurstküche „Zum Gulden Stern"

Centuries of tradition on your plate

Not only a bratwurst kitchen, but also a sight worth seeing. Along with the Imperial Castle, the churches and other historical buildings, the historical “Bratwurstküche” is recognized by the city of Nuremberg as an official sight. Maybe that’s not surprising, when one knows that the building goes back to the year 1419.

Years ago, the inn in the Zirkelschmiedsgasse was supposed to be torn down. When, in 1980, Martin Hilleprandt learned this, it was clear to him as a tradition-bound entrepreneur that he had to act. Shortly after, he bought the property (which was built around 1380) and restored it with the help of the Altstadtfreunde Nuremberg - the Bratwurstküche was rescued.

When you enter the main room of the inn, you are welcomed by its traditional charm: Original brick walls, a creaky plank floor and rustic wooden seating. As far as you can see are old brass pots, beer steins and pictures. Above, an antique chandelier dangles from the ceiling. “Papa went hunting for the interior decoration!” explains daughter and manager Sofia.

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In addition to the visual impressions, the smell when you enter the place is impressive. It almost reminds you of a campfire and comes directly from the open grill where dozens of sausages are cooking. And these are no ordinary sausages, but original Nuremberg Röstla.

What does this mean?

Look at this!

Here’s an extra bratwurst on top for you. That means: When you order six roasted sausages with a side dish, you’ll get seven - with eight come nine! If you’d rather eat a stadtwurst you’ll also get a bratwurst on top.

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Sofia Hilleprandt

In 1980, Martin Hilleprandt rescued the Bratwurstküche from demolition and put much of his life’s blood into the renovation. Today, his children Sofia and Martin continue his work.

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