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Candle Workshop

Where everything's about candles

Here, candles are produced from 100 % pure bee’s wax! High-quality paraffin is made into colorful blossom and elegant angel candles. Exquisite candles such as a lotus candle, scented spice candles, colorful cubes, glass lanterns and scented stearin candles are all part of the assortment. The star lamps, angel candles, wax lanterns and candle carousels are unique.

Are you looking for a candle for a very special event? Here’s the right place! Baptism, wedding or birthday candles can be specially customized.

In the candle workshop you can not only experience the creation of our candles, but also make one of your own and take a unique object home from the Craftsmen’s Courtyard!

The Hexenhäusle

The Hexenhäusle