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Heal, Care, Feel Well

Since 1902, the traditional Nuremberg company Retterspitz has dedicated itself to healing, care and feeling well. Almost 120 years later, it has opened its first store in the Augustinerhof.

The Classic: Therapeutic Remedies

Retterspitz internal

helps stomach problems of all kinds (for example irritable stomach, heart burn, hyperacidity, bloating) regulates stomach acid and protects the stomach lining – to use with acute pain or as a preventative treatment.

Retterspitz external

for physical therapies such as compresses and wet stockings. Increases metabolic processes, supports circulation and thereby speeds the regeneration process – helps with muscle & vein symptoms and injuries.

You can also find cosmetic, skin and body care products, cleansing products, hair care and fragrances.

In the past as well as today, all products are based on natural ingredients and score points with the healing power of plants, herbs, essential oils, etc. Artificial flavours do not fit into the philosophy. The brothers and managing directors Florian and Markus Valet have this quality standard not only for their end products, but also for the entire process around them.

Sustainability is a top priority here!

Markus Valet

This long-established Nuremberg family-owned company is led in the fourth generation by brothers Florian and Markus Valet, whose grandfather founded the brand Retterspitz in 1902.

About the family history

It took more than 120 years until the first Retterspitz shop was opened. Before that, the products were available in pharmacies. “We took our time, but then did it right!” laughs Markus Valet.

Why the opening at the Augustinerhof?

The Hexenhäusle

The Hexenhäusle