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Sweet paradise

Those who love something unusual and sweet will feel as they are in paradise at Sandybel. You won’t find classic cheesecakes, a piece of Black Forest cake or Danish pastries here. Instead, you see elaborately decorated cakes, eccentric cupcake creations and brightly colored cake pops.

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Must haves:

➜ Chocolate cake pop

➜ Red velvet cupcake

Dos and Don'ts:

✔ Try as many as you like – the bite-sized cake pops make it possible

✘ Count calories


Prefer to take away? Use your RECUP

Anabel Kuntz and Gaetano “Tano” Federico lovingly call their café a “sweets chapel”. They have been serving their sweet treats here since 2017. It is their second shop, besides their main store in Fürth. There, most of the baked goods are produced, while the Nuremberg shop has a flair that invites you to relax and stay a while. “A mix of old & new, a classic foundation with hip accents – like Nuremberg itself!” raves Anabel. The decoration is in American style, fitting to their wares and above all very pink. “As far as the decor goes, I was in charge!” laughs the boss. The business bears another reminder of its founder: The name “Sandybel” is a combination of Anabel’s first name and the word “Sandkuchen” (Madeira cake), which is the basis of all cake pops.

Want something sweet?

Anabel & Tano

Anabel, who comes from Spain, and her husband, who is of Italian descent, are not just a well-practiced team at work. They have been a couple since they were teenagers; their career together began in 2013.

From experiment to business idea

Today, they make everything themselves, nothing has changed since the beginning – even when that means rolling thousands of pieces of dough by hand overnight. If they start to get tired, they’ll race each other: Who can make more?

They are now supported by a confectioner, but Anabel still does the decoration personally. “While decorating, my wife can act out all her crazy creativity. And the more she shakes when she’s doing it, the better it is!” laughs Tano.

The Hexenhäusle

The Hexenhäusle