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France meets Nuremberg

Those who want a change from pretzels and the like and would like to enjoy other facets of the art of baking, have come to the right place in PIQUE NIQUE. One can sample in the patisserie and boulangerie the finest baked goods and bread specialties created using original French recipes.

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Must haves:

➜ Brioche feuilletée, with a cappuccino from their own roaster with particularly fine foam

➜ For those who want something more savory: Petit Pain in various flavors


Bread crumbs from the natural sourdough bread with an extra-long rising time – Mama likes them!


Prefer to take away? Use your RECUP

In PIQUE NIQUE there is a great emphasis on quality. The maxim is: Conscious baking! No baking activators, no artificial rising agents, but natural rising times. Artificial food coloring or substitute products are avoided completely. The raw materials are delivered by a small, finely woven circle of suppliers and, for a large part, from regional producers. The recipe for success, finds Jens Brockerhof, is actually very simple: “Use the best possible ingredients and not much can go wrong!”

Jens Brockerhof

At the beginning, everyone thought he was crazy to have the idea to bring French cooking& baking to Nuremberg: “In Franconia? - Never!” Jens Brockerhof (left in picture) held tight to his dream and has brought a hint of France to the city with his patisserie and boulangerie.


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