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Cat Temple

Enjoy vegan food and furry friends

In the Cat Temple, culinary delight meets cute companions. Here, animals are not served on a plate, but petted under the table. The vegan restaurant combines two basic concepts: Good food & animal welfare.


Animal welfare and environmental protection go hand-in-hand for the Cat Temple team. That’s why, in addition to plant-based ingredients, value is placed on the use of food stuffs that have a minimal environmental footprint. That means, above all, using ingredients from local farms and avoiding the use of foods that require extreme amounts of water, long transport routes or those produced in unfair trade.
Not only is the menu sustainable, but the entire business is as environmentally friendly as possible. That includes abstaining from the use of plastic and trying to produce as little waste as possible. That includes food stuffs: “We don’t throw away food here!”

Feel-Good Factor

The Cat Temple is above all a safe & pleasant home for cats. But human guests don’t come off badly either. Sometimes a good meal is enough to make us happy & satisfied – and in the Cat Temple there are more than enough good things to eat. The furry friends can intensify this feeling: Did you know that even the presence of cats has a verifiably relaxing effect on our disposition?


More about the Cat Temple

Large selection of vegan & vegetarian dishes

Our recommendation: Here your “Katerfrühstück” has a special meaning. A wide-ranging selection of breakfast foods are available every day. And the best thing: It’s available all day long!

The four-footed "owners"

All the cats are rescue animals found through a close cooperation between animal welfare organizations and shelters. They have found a new home in the Cat Temple.


More about the furry friends

“The Cat Temple shouldn’t be like a zoo, but a place where humans and animals come together and feel at home.”

Must haves at the Cat Temple

Carrot salmon sandwich & iced chai latte: The “salmon” made from carrots gets its flavor through liquid smoke & algae and tastes amazingly like its animal namesake. Combined with Guerkamalo (guacamole made from peas – delicious and better for the environment than the original from avocados) on home-baked spelt bread.

Summer special // Banh Miau Sandwich + Pink Panther Mocktail: Those who like Asian cuisine will love this baguette in the style of the Vietnamese classic Banh Mi - marinated tofu, pickled carrot & radish, baby spinach, coriander and a special sauce mix. Accompanied by a mocktail of alcohol-free gin, cardamom, rosemary, grapefruit, elderberry and tonic.

The Hexenhäusle

The Hexenhäusle