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© Florian Trykowski

Café in der 12

Coffee, Snacks and More

Since its opening in 2018, you can find the “Café in der 12” in the former glass-cutter’s shop of the Craftsmen’s Courtyard. The fresh and professionally brewed coffee specialties will make your heart beat faster.  A selection of various vegetarian snacks are prepared using regional products. Whether it’s a cake like grandma used to make or an original sandwich, there’s something for everyone here!

Did you know?

Nuremberg has a long coffee tradition. The Nuremberg merchant Johann Sigmund Wurffbain bought “Cauwa” beans in 1640 in Mokka and was significantly involved in spreading coffee through Europe.

Its cozy atmosphere makes the “Café in der 12” a perfect place for a coffee date with friends and family. Or you can enjoy a little me-time over a delicious beverage and cake. No wonder that not only tourists frequent the 12, it has also become the favorite café of many in Nuremberg.

All hot drinks are also available with oat milk

The Hexenhäusle

The Hexenhäusle