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Deutsches Museum Nuremberg

Reach for the Future

Most museums are a journey to the past, whereas the Deutsches Museum takes you on a trip into the future. And the Museum of the Future is different in another way: Dry consumption of numbers and facts is – literally – the stuff of yesterday. The content of the exhibit can be experienced interactively.

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“The Museum of the Future should create awareness. It’s not an exhibit that presents you with hard facts and says, ‘take it or leave it, this is our future!’. It’s much more about the chance to work out together what the next years could bring,” explains Sebastian Linstädt, PR-Speaker of the Deutsches Museum.

The key word is “COULD’”. Naturally, no one can predict the future, but the five areas of the exhibit outline diverse possibilities in a very detailed and nuanced way. Each themed area is managed by an academic team, which, using the latest research and current state of knowledge, keeps the exhibit up to date.

Trained guides, so-called Future Communicators or F-Coms, share with you their knowledge in each themed area, whether you have questions or want more facts about a specific topic. In contrast to the exhibit guards in most museums, you’ll hear more than “Don’t touch that!”. The Museum of the Future lives from cooperation and communication, therefore the guides are happy to discuss content or hear suggestions.

Five Aspects of the Future

In total, five aspects of life and possibilities of their future development are examined in the Museum of the Future, to find out how and where we will live in the future: How will we change our cityscapes and infrastructure? And our Earth? Will we someday emigrate to the moon or Mars? And what about the rest of the galaxy? In what areas will robots, artificial intelligence and the like change our daily life? How will our health change? What will make our lives easier? And more difficult? And, above all, how much control will we have over all of this?

The Deutsches Museum is worth more than one visit! Not only because it is difficult to truly experience EVERYTHING in one visit, but also because the exhibit is constantly being supplemented, refreshed and changed. In addition, there are changing special exhibits. You can visit the current exhibit with the theme “Prototypes” until June 2023.

Science & Fiction

“Somewhere in the middle, that’s where our future will lie”    

The Museum of the Future is an interaction between established scientific knowledge and hypothetical scenarios of the future. So that you don’t lose your overview, individual stations are color-coded:

White = Science
Black = Fiction
Grey = In between


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Robots, 3D printer lab & Co.

From mini hyperloops to quantum computers and sex robots. The exhibits at the Future Museum are pretty unique. In the robot workshop and the 3D ducker lab, you can literally tinker with the future yourself.

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The Hexenhäusle

The Hexenhäusle