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© Franziska Möller 

Franmeisters DIY Bar & Hicecream Urban Clothing Factory

Crafting Bar and Fair Trade Shopping All-in-One!

Since October 2021, life has returned to the “Office for Universal Zest for Life". The lovingly decorated shop is shared by the Franmeisters DIY Bar and Hicecream Urban Clothing Factory. At Franmeisters you can be as creative as you want with individual do-it-yourself craft projects, while at Hicecream you can find colorful Fairtrade designer fashion.

Franmeisters DIY Bar – Be Creative Together

You’d like to do crafts, but  don’t have the ideas, the material or the space? Here you’ll find  a room in which, with the best companions and in a pleasant atmosphere, you can be as creative as you want! At Franmeisters, you can choose from a wide assortment of your favorite DIY crafting sets which you can design while enjoying a delicious wine or alcohol-free beverage.

More Information

The best:You can spend some relaxing time with friends or new acquaintances and take your individualized piece home with you.

The nicest: Because chatting and crafting make you thirsty, alcohol-free beverages are offered. If you’d like to drink something with alcohol, just bring it along. We’ll put your white wine or whatever you bring in the fridge!

The most inspired: On Saturdays, visiting artists with a variety of workshops bring in fresh ideas.

Hicecream Urban Clothing Factory – Cultural Affaires

Don’t want mainstream and all-the-same? Then you’re sure to find the right thing here: Every   piece of clothing or accessory is absolutely unique. Here is wide range of one-of-a-kind and stylish fashion on offer, with which you can stand out from the crowd. Designer and label founder Romeo OlaJoseph manages to bring different cultural components into a harmonious blend in his collection.

More about sustainability & slow fashion

Along with Berlin and Leipzig, the fashion label Hicecream is also present in Nuremberg. Hoodies, reversible jackets and fanny packs are real sales hits! Here you can take a look in the online shop .