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Dornauer’s Gingerbread & Chocolaterie

The sweetest spot in the Craftsmen's Courtyard

Lebkuchen are – in addition to bratwurst – one of the culinary symbols of Nuremberg. A gingerbread shop is therefore a must in the Craftsmen’s Courtyard. In addition to their award-winning Elisen Lebkuchen, the Dornauers also have the finest of pralines and unusual chocolates – all handmade, from high-quality raw materials and with much love & enthusiasm.

In addition to their demand for high quality, in the gingerbread & chocolaterie they place high value on sustainability and fair production. As much as possible, Thomas Dornauer and his family purchase raw materials from the local area. Chocolate comes from Direct Trade ties: In contrast to Fair Trade, the cocoa beans are purchased directly from farmers with whom they have direct contact. The love of chocolate came from the glazing on the Lebkuchen. The baker and chocolatier are always creating new types of pralines and exquisite handmade bars (Tip: Many are vegan!)

Because all products use no artificial preservatives, they have a shorter shelf life. That’s why the Dornauers only produce as much as they can sell. Throwing away food is a no-no: “In the worst case, we eat it!” laughs Bettina Dornauer.

The Story of Gingerbread

The Dornauers

Baker Thomas Dornauer has made gingerbread almost since the time he could walk. Together with his wife Bettina, he decided to go independent with his favorite work. The gingerbread shop is the embodiment of a family business, as all members are involved in the company and work together to make it a success. It’s only Lebkuchen that Thomas Dornauer keeps for himself. He does his own baking – using a secret recipe and lots of attention to detail.

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My Craftsmen's Courtyard

“The Craftsmen’s Courtyard stands for a special claim of quality. Where else will you find such a collection of family-run craft workshops? Working here doesn’t feel like work. The minute you arrive you feel a special feeling – a little like a holiday. And not just for tourists, but also those from Nuremberg. Customers are rarely in a bad mood; the business owners maintain contact with each other and show solidarity. That creates a positive atmosphere.”