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Where today the bar of the “living room with a view” is located, was once the Nuremberg “Milchhäusle”. Where once milk & cream were on tap, now flows freshly-tapped Franconian beer, select schnapps and quaffable wines.

Since 2011, the best alcoholic beverages from Franconia and the region are served at the Balkon: Nikl and Reh Bräu beer on tap, a changing selection of regional bottled beers, Franconian Silvaner and Pinot grigio and schnapps …

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Most of the space that today serves as the beer garden was once used as the entryway. Space is at a premium. That creates a wonderful and untypical dynamic in Franconia: “One is forced to sit at a table with strangers. This takes the typical Franconia grouch out of their comfort zone but produces amazingly interesting groups!” grins owner Mirko Könicke. “I like to sit down somewhere without asking and have a drink – it’s almost a requirement!”

The Balkon is literally open the whole year (except in January) – because, thanks to a historical preservation order, there is no permanent roof. The Balkon is an outdoor bar. “Rain doesn’t mean that there’s less going on. You just sit closer together underneath the umbrellas and drink more!”

Mirko Könicke & Karel Trncak

At the beginning, the two owners stood at the bar every day. Now, since the Balkon has established itself in Nuremberg, they have three permanent employees and 10 part-time workers. Although both mainly spend their time working on details behind the scenes, they are at the bar every day and enjoy pouring a beer or two themselves.

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My Craftsmen's Courtyard

“The Craftsmen’s Courtyard is like an historical Smurf village. A cozy atmosphere and supportive colleagues. The space has grown well, what was first a place just for tourists is now a favorite with locals! In the evening, the courtyard is particularly beautiful, when the sparkling chains of lights go on and everything lights up … and you’ve had a beer or two from the Balkon.”