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Nuremberg Bratwurst Museum

All about the Nuremberg treat

In November 2021, the brand-new Bratwurst Museum opened its doors on the Trödelmarkt. And where can you find it? Naturally at Bratwurstgasse 1! That is now the official location of the “little Nuremberger” in the city directory


Here you have free admission with the NUREMBERG CARD!

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In 100 m2 of space you can dive into the topic of Nuremberg bratwurst: From their beginnings in the Middle Ages, the tales and legends surrounding this little delicacy, to the traditional craft of Nuremberg butchers. Information about recipes is also revealed here. Something special about their preparation is the fact that there were already strict quality guidelines at the beginning of the 14th century. Since 2003, Nuremberg bratwurst are protected by the European Union, so that quality and tradition remain unchanged.

Tip: In the foyer, there is a small but interesting shop with various products, gift ideas and souvenirs all about the bratwurst.

Creation of the museum is thanks to the Nuremberg Sausage Protection Association, which has looked after the protection and brand awareness of the Nuremberg bratwurst for many years.

The Hexenhäusle

The Hexenhäusle