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Ice Cream Bar „Bonbon“

Sticky Sweets & Playful Fun

Those who desire an interplay of excitement, anticipation and surprise are in the right place in this cute, small ice cream bar. It is in the middle of the Augustinerhof and, with its bright and colorful design, will not only light up the eyes of children.

Limited Edition! Hier gibt es bis zum 2. April 2023 beim Kauf von mind. 2 Kugeln Eis die selbstgemachte Waffel gratis dazu. Klicke hier für deinen Coupon.

All ice creations (ice cremes and sherbets with various toppings or ice pops on a stick) are produced in the open “ice cream laboratory” in the rear of the bar. You can also watch Lea (store director) and Anna (production director) bake and roll their handmade cones.

Here’s more about the ingredients!


➜ At least two scoops of “Franzbrötchen”. The ice cream is made from caramelized pastry, which is worked in to the mixture in large pieces.


In the afternoon, make sure you order a Affogato al caffè. You get it with a large scoop of Bonbon Vanilla (their own mix of three types of vanilla).

What flavors do they offer? They change regularly according to the time of year or on the whim of the team: Franzbrötchen, Brown Butter, Amalfi-Lemon, Pistachio, Hazelnut, Schlumpf 2.0, Buttermilch-Bergamotte … to name just some of the 17 flavors. Ice pops are available, for example, as Strawberry-Gin, Almond-Chocolate or Raspberry -Yoghurt.

So: What are you waiting for? Come on and get sticky fingers!