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Die Trödelstuben

Regional cuisine in a rustic ambience

Those who like to eat a traditional meal should visit the Trödelstuben. Bratwurst, pork shoulder and more make the hearts of fans of Franconia cuisine beat faster.

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While the building with its dormer and pointed roof is relatively inconspicuous from the outside, inside one is surprised by the smorgasbord of old Nurnemberg collectables and many fine handcrafted details. Traditional beer steins and cups and plates made of brass decorate the walls and window bank. The stained-glass windows with Nuremberg images, old chandeliers and lamps submerge the restaurant in a subdued light.

More about the establishment

Ralph Kauper

For more than ten years, this dedicated restaurateur ran the “Burgwächter” at the Imperial Castle, before he moved the whole kit and caboodle in 2017 to the Trödelmarkt.

How everything started

The Trödelstuben program focuses on the regional, even in their ingredients. Everything that comes to the table is from near-by areas: Vegetables from “Garlicland”, meat from butchers in Nuremberg and Ansbach. Everyone knows that Franconian cuisine is not necessarily known for its vegetarian/vegan food. Despite that, the pub owner tries to give his guests a delightful experience without meat, using seasonal produce such as asparagus or pumpkins.

Must haves:

➜ Pork shoulder

➜ Mixed sausage plate (grilled, smoked & in a spiced sauce)

➜ Franconian sauerbraten with gingerbread sauce & and homemade bread dumplings

Dos and Don'ts:

✔ Come in, feel at home, fill up your tummy.

✘ Don’t leave the crust from the pork shoulder on your plate – it pains the chef to see it.